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Custom Made Wine Boxes

A vast amount of wine brands have come into the market in South Africa. How to occupy the sales market has become the primary concern of most wine producers. An exquisite and unique wine packaging box and display will help you achieve this goal. It makes your product more attractive and impressive, a way to make your individual and memorable mark on the consumer. Wine boxes draw the customers’ attention and reflects the spirit of your product. In this way, creative and professional wine packaging boxes will improve the sales and is beneficial to occupy the market.

Labels and design functions are the single most important communicator in brand promotion. A vital tool in attracting the consumer. A unique look that stands out will drive differentiation, recall and brand preference for the consumer. Labeling and branding will be a significant advantage in establishing a niche market for your wines.

Seyfert offers a wide range of carry packs, corrugated boxes and specialised packaging within the wine industry. Whatever your wine packaging needs may be, for mass production of wine packaging or individual solutions, we will be able to offer our professional packaging services and create custom boxes and corrugated packaging for wine cartons or bottles. Our experienced design team also offer the services of creative designing on your packaging and logo design. For efficient and innovative wine packaging solutions think of Seyfert. The importance of wine packaging can never be under estimated. We do not only do wine boxes but offer a custom solution for your wine bottle dividers.

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