Agriculture Packaging

Packaging Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Packaging Solutions for the Agricultural Industry

Packaging as part of the agricultural marketing mix has become a front line component used to deliver products to customers and to entice them to use these products. Driven by consumer requirements, Seyfert corrugated box manufacturers have addressed issues such as product protection, environmentally friendly materials and convenience. Seyfert has efficiently responded to the high demand for creative agriculture packaging solutions.

Seyfert provides innovative ideas that meet consumer needs. We contribute to the farmer’s packaging requirements, recognising that strength and light weight are the essential elements in package design. Fresh produce is highly perishable and easily damaged if not given the right protection. Boxes for agriculture provides essential protection of produce.

No packaging need is too big or too small for Seyfert. We can effectively solve any agricultural packing problem you may have. Specialising in unique, custom boxes and corrugated packaging designs, we can package a wide range of agricultural produce whether it is standard or custom. At Seyfert we have the ability to meet any agricultural specifications.

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